myT® Primers

Swift has developed myT® Primers, a line of novel qPCR reagents that provide both high sensitivity and specificity in mutation detection, ideal for cancer research and diagnostic applications. myT Primers can be used in conventional qPCR machines using standard, single tube protocols. myT Primers work well on both FFPE and fresh frozen specimens, but are also capable of sensitive detection when the sample material is limiting or where the target is present at very low concentration, such as with circulating tumor cells (CTCs), serum, plasma and needle biopsies.

Swift has developed myT Primers for the common mutations in BRAF and KRAS genes to demonstrate the superior performance capabilities of the technology for mutation detection. However, the technology is readily applicable to other mutations and infectious disease testing.

myT Primer products for RUO applications are available directly from Swift Biosciences. To learn more about myT Primers, click here.