myT BRAF-Ultra

qPCR primers for ultra-low copy number detection of BRAF mutations V600E/K

Provides superior sensitivity and high confidence results:

  • 0.01% sensitivity with very low background amplification
  • Single copy detection capability
  • Ideal for circulating tumor cells (CTCs), serum, plasma and needle biopsies

Each package includes reagents to perform a total of 60 reactions (16 locus-specific reactions and 44 allele-specific reactions performed in triplicate), sufficient for testing up to 14 samples plus a positive and no template control per primer cocktail if performed as a single qPCR run.

The detection probe and PCR master mix must be ordered separately from licensed vendors. The purchase price of the probe and shipping costs are included in your purchase of myT BRAF-Ultra. Instructions on how to easily order the probe from our recommended vendor and a coupon covering the purchase price and shipping cost of the probe will be provided with your order acknowledgement. This will enable you to synchronize delivery of the probe with delivery of myT BRAF-Ultra. The cost of master mix purchase is not included. Please refer to myT BRAF-Ultra Product Details for recommended vendors and additional information.

Product Name Catalog No. Price*
myT BRAF-Ultra BRAF-U1 $1,495.00 USD

*Inquire about quantity discounts.

Notice to Purchaser: Limited License
This product is for research use only and is licensed to the user under Swift Biosciences intellectual property only for the purchaser’s internal research. Purchase of this product does not convey to the purchaser any license to perform the Polymerase Chain Reaction “PCR” process under any third party rights. PCR probes can be purchased from a variety of vendors including Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies), Roche Molecular Systems, Inc., F. Hoffman La-Roche Ltd., Integrated DNA Technologies, Biosearch Technologies, Nanogen Inc. and others. The use of certain probes including TaqMan-MGB, FAM-TAMRA, FAM-BHQ, VIC-MGB in connection with ("PCR") process may require a license from one or more of these vendors. Please contact individual vendors for the necessity of obtaining licenses. The purchase of myT BRAF or any other items delivered by Swift Biosciences hereunder does not, either expressly or by implication, provide a license to use any proprietary technology of these vendors.