Accel-NGS™ 2S DNA Library Kit for Illumina


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For the Preparation of DNA Libraries for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on Illumina Platforms

The new Accel-NGS 2S DNA Library Kit for Illumina utilizes a proprietary adapter attachment chemistry that has numerous benefits over other available methods.

Why does Accel-NGS 2S DNA Library Kit excel in NGS library prep?

  • High yields from a wide range of input quantity and quality
  • Linear performance from 10 pg to 1 µg
  • PCR-free libraries can be produced from as low as 100 ng
  • Excellent efficiency, data quality and evenness of coverage, even at very low levels of DNA input
  • No base composition bias from balanced genomes (human, E. coli), AT-rich genomes (S. aureus, P. falciparum), or a GC-rich genome (B. pertussis)
  • Ideally suited for clinical samples such as those from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) and plasma*
  • No input quantification required
  • Compatible with the leading hybridization capture products
  • Suitable for ChIP-Seq
  • Readily automatable
  • Single and dual indexing available
  • Attractive pricing

Please refer to our Product Selection Guide for assistance determining the right Accel-NGS library product for your needs.

Accel-NGS 2S is the best choice for users seeking the most versatile, highest performing library prep kit. Now you can expand your capabilities, run those difficult samples or add new services. Accel-NGS 2S also permits you to stock and use a single library preparation workflow over a variety of applications and sample types.

Number of Samples
Each package includes sufficient reagents to prepare 12 or 48 DNA libraries for sequencing on Illumina systems. A minimum shelf life of 3 months is guaranteed for all shipments.

Note: An appropriate indexing kit (SP-ILM2S-12 or SI-ILM2S-48A/B/96) or the XT Compatibility Module (XT-ILM2S-12/48) is required to accompany this library kit. Please also note that these are only compatible with the 2S Library Kits and that indexing kits are not interchangeable between 1S and 2S kits.

Kits do not contain reagents to perform bead-based separations. See 
Product Details for recommended vendors.

Product Name Catalog No. Price**
Accel-NGS 2S DNA Library Kit for Illumina - 12 reactions DL-ILM2S-12
$480.00 USD
Accel-NGS 2S DNA Library Kit for Illumina - 48 reactions DL-ILM2S-48 $1,920.00 USD
Singleplex Index 2S Kit for Illumina (1 index, 12 reactions)
SP-ILM2S-12 $60.00 USD
XT Compatibility Module (adapter and pre-hyb PCR primers, 12 reactions)
XT-ILM2S-12 $60.00 USD
XT Compatibility Module (adapter and pre-hyb PCR primers, 48 reactions) XT-ILM2S-48 $240.00 USD
Single Indexing 2S Kit for Illumina (12 indices, Set A, 4 reactions each) SI-ILM2S-48A $240.00 USD
Single Indexing 2S Kit for Illumina (12 indices, Set B, 4 reactions each)
$240.00 USD
Single Indexing 2S Kit for Illumina (24 indices, Sets A & B, 4 reactions each) SI-ILM2S-96 $480.00 USD
Dual Indexing 2S Kit for Illumina (1 reaction each of 96 unique combinations) DI-ILM2S-96

**Inquire about our special introductory price on your first order, for quantity discounts and for price in other currencies.

*Notice to Purchaser: Limited License
This product is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. It is licensed to the user under Swift Biosciences intellectual property only for the purchaser’s internal research.

Illumina is a registered trademark of Illumina, Inc.