The technologies under development at Swift are applicable to many fields and disciplines. Our initial products have been designed to demonstrate the capabilities of myT Primers and Accel-NGS and to benchmark their performance against other products on the market. While these products are available directly from Swift, we are also working with multiple partners to incorporate our technologies into their products.

In December of 2012, Swift announced a technology license agreement with the Singapore-based parent of Vela Diagnostics. The agreement gives Vela non-exclusive rights to utilize myT Primer technology in Vela’s real-time quantitative PCR-based IVD products for the detection of somatic mutations in human cancer. Vela will seek regulatory approval around the world for its assay kits while Swift will continue to develop myT Primers for RUO applications as well as license to other partners.

Additional partnering and licensing opportunities are available. If you are interested in discussing partnering or licensing, please send us an email at